Our History

We started off with this website as an online advert for our pet services company. We made ourselves available to walk people’s dogs or dog sit with pets in thier own home so the animals wasn’t disturbed by upheaval. We also visited, fed and gave cats TLC whilst their owners were away and cleaned the cages of exotic birds. Whilst enjoying the work we came to the sad decision to stop persuing this full time and no longer advertise our services. We still enjoy the occasional cat visit, that but that’s all nowadays.

Below are some of our happy cusomers!

Sasha is pleased for her morning walk before it gets too hot

Snuggles waits for somebody to feed her

Ben thinks nobody can see him…

Otis is worn out after a long long walk

Jaxx pretends to be cute

Mole poses for the camera

This little creature is 20 years old…. that’s 140 in human years, no wonder she’s asleep

Flood and Milli just want to play in the river