BioPel Natural Flea And Tick Spray


Tick and flea control is crucial when taking care of your pets. BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray has harmless components to humans and pets that repel fleas, ticks as well as other insects. Its specific formula is safe for dogs and cats and doesn’t have cedar oils, pyrethrin, phosphates, and also other hazardous components located in other pesticides.


What exactly is BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray?


BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray is a non-toxic natural pest repellent. It truly is protected to become utilized straight on pets, bedding and even food. Pet owners can make use of the spray on their clothing and skin although camping and hiking to repel insects. It has a fresh lemon scent and leaves no residues.


Active Ingredients of BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray


Lemon Grass Oil


Lemon grass oil is one of the 5 important oils regarded as a natural pest repellent as well as a safe option to pesticide. It is the only important oil that is certainly secure to be used on cats. It disrupts the neurotransmitters in the insects essential for their feeding, reproduction, movement, and behavior. It destroys flea eggs and repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is really a detergent and emulsifier. It’s used within the natural flea and tick spray as an agent to mix the ingredients. It is certified to be a protected, EPA authorized, pest repellent.


Cinnamon Oil


Cinnamon oil is really a organic pesticide that can harm mosquito larvae. It really is effective as a tick and flea control agent.


Inert Components


Apart from the active ingredients, the natural flea and tick spray also has inert ingredients. These are glycerin and purified water. These ingredients make it secure even when accidentally sprayed on your pets’ meals.


The best way to Use BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray


BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray is utilised straight on pets, beddings, cat and dog bowls, furniture, couches, tables, counter tops, floors, and anywhere you must pest and flea control. It really is greatest used before or after walks, specially when going to high infestation areas. Humans may also use the spray in the course of hiking and camping trips to repel insects.


Advantages of BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray


The spray is successful for up to 24 hours. It is an efficient mosquito, tick and flea control. You and your pet will stay bug cost-free by utilizing the spray. It truly is a secure alternative to pesticides as well as other insect repellents on the market place today.


Negative effects of BioPel Natural Flea and Tick Spray


The natural flea and tick spray has no identified unwanted effects. It truly is made of 99 percent organic ingredients and secure even when placed on meals. It really is protected for use on cats and dogs 9 weeks or older.

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