Teaching Barking Dogs To Keep Quiet

Dogs bark because it’s their nature. Only one dog breed, the Basenji of South Africa, doesn’t bark. Woofing is the canine way of sending their message accross.

But normal dog barking is not an issue. Barking becomes a trouble when it becomes excessive. You should look for a way to end it. Barking dogs can be stopped especially if you know the causes.

Factors that Trigger Extreme Dog Barking

Dogs bark for a lot of reasons, but the most common are anger, excitement and fear. If their territory is under threat they sound their alarm. If they are angry, seeing a fellow canine, or they need your attention, they woof too.   

However, the most awful habit barking dogs can have is excessive barking. This is one thing that you must put to a stop.

How to Stop Dogs from Barking

In order to put an end to compulsive dog barking, you must know what triggered it. According to canine experts, 90 percent of compulsive dog barking can be stopped.  

In order to know what triggered your dog to bark, these guide questions can help:

* At what particular time of day does your pet often bark?

* Can you name a specific object that your pet is barking at?

* Is the dog’s barking triggered by any specific occurrence?

Canines are territorial If woofing is triggered by threats to its domain, it may be difficult to stop. Shouting at them may only lead to aggression.   

Prevent your dog from becoming territorial You should take control of the household and stop it from claiming the place as its own. Assert your alpha leadership and your dog will lay down its claim over the household. You can also reduce your dog’s barking by minimizing its ability to perceive incoming threats. Drawing the blinds, erecting fences and preventing your dog from looking through windows are among the most effective ways to prevent barking dogs from territorial barking.

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