Dog Owners And Seperation Anxiety Issues

Separation anxiety is no doubt a very Common Problem for dogs andtheir owners, in fact the problem could affect as high as 14% which
is very high.  One of the main reasons for why this problem exists
and persists is mos owners treat it from a human point of view and not
understanding what is going on in the “Dog’s Mind”.

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The answer to how to stop separation anxiety is simple. Show your dog
that you are the pack leader.I will go into more detail below.

First ask yourself the question; does the behavior stop when you
return? If so, then I suggest that you’re being away is actually
connected to the cause.Take a look at some key symptoms below.

-Chewing releases an endorphin similar to the one released when
a human is chewing gum in an attempt to stay calm.

-Barking, whining – this is a call for the owners to return to the 
pack, similar to if you were to call your children when you can’t
find them

-Escaping when you are not there – often very destructive, extreme 
and sometimes dangerous.Your dog is wondering where you are.
So many people are told to try and exercise the problem out of their
dog but it will not solve the problem

-Digging, destruction – this is all connected to stressful and
anxious behavior.

Self Harm – over eager, licking and biting themselves. Excessive 
drooling is also a sign of stress. These are signs that are often 
mistaken for being medical conditions but are all stress related

If it is only occurring when your dog is away from you then
it is very likely connected to your dog having separation anxiety.

Even though there are plenty of resources out there that will help
you to learn to exercise the problem out of your dog, this is not
really understanding the root cause, and the true way is to become
the Pack leader in your dog’s eyes!

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Separation anxiety is a very straight forward problem that occurs 
when your dog believes they are the pack leader and your are their
puppy or member of their pack.

In the wild dogs do not wander off out the den on their own
and your dogs separation anxiety will continue until you return
to him. Once you show your dog that you are the pack leader your dog
will be fine with you coming and going as you please.

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