Sonic Stay Off Mat

Jumping up on people and their stuff is normal dog behavior. It is part of their ingrained desire to be close to their human pack-mates. But you don’t have to allow this behavior to ruin your furniture or to get out of control.

If keeping your dog off one specific piece of furniture is your concern. The sonic Stay Off Mat will also keep cats off furniture, and if you want to keep pets off furniture and want to teach and train pets on how to keep off furniture, then the sonic Stay Off Mat is be a great aid in keeping pets off furniture.Sonic Stay Off Mat emits a Sonic Blast at the Touch of a Paw and keeps dogs off furniture.Touch Sensitive Training Pad Goes Anywhere.  

Don’t forget that your dog needs somewhere to go hang out, and that they want to be close to you and your family. You need to give them a bed, or a pad, in a well-populated room. It can be tucked a bit out of the way, but don’t expect your dog to be contented being hidden in an empty room while the rest of the family is elsewhere.

 Just Place your Sonic Stay Off Mat on the Sofa or furniture where you do not want the dog to be.   Use is on the Bed, Sofa, Chairs, Living Room , Countertops and more.  This Mat Emits a harmless ultrasonic high pitched pulse, inaudible to humans, but irritable to dogs, so dogs learn not to stay on the Mat, and keeps dogs off furniture.

This is just a few ideas for keeping your dog off the furniture. Not all dogs are the same, and you may need to try different ideas until you find the one that’s effective with your pet.Just try It.

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