A farmer’s life is far from easy. They’re at the mercy of the unpredictable weather, with their assets always at risk of disease, they work long hours doing manual labour often with significant overheads – and that’s why their choice of rural supplies company is such an important one.

Their choice of farming supplies company can affect how efficiently and effectively the farm is run, as the company should be at the forefront of farm product and practice innovations, advising the farmers on ways of maximising potential, improving their competitiveness and their yields – and ultimately, their profits.  From hose fittings to work boots, diesel tanks to dog food, the farming supplies company also has to be there for them.

We did a quick search on farm supply companies in Australia to see what they offer to the rural communities.

We found that one company, the Farm Store, had a very user-friendly website, with people being able to shop by category as well as by ‘animal’ which was extremely helpful.  On their website, they also claim to improve the lives of farmers.  “Our range is ever expanding and we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products that make farmers’ lives more productive, more profitable, more enjoyable, more efficient – in short, better….”

Elders is another farm supplies store that has an innovative programme – the SmartFarmer service – that gives farmers access to a team of productivity experts who work with farmers to “drive the outcomes they need to maximise yields, increase the productivity of the herd/s or ensure the sustainability of their enterprise”.

It is definitely an advantage to deal with rural supplies companies staffed by ex-farmers who bring a wealth of hands-on experience and expertise, such as The Farm and Rural Merchandise Company (The FarmCo) which has been supplying local farmers with quality products for over 13 years, and Ruralco’s Rural Supplies which claims their staff have extensive knowledge of local conditions and markets

Whether you farm millions of acres or own a smallholding, need hose fittings or a diesel tank, you need a farm supplies company that looks after you.


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