Avian Shoulder Capes

A very simple and comfy answer is a bird shoulder cape towards the problem of clothing protection from bird droppings. It can be a durable and washable cape that measures 18” wide by 21 ½” extended from front to back, produced of colourful polyester, cotton or denim fabric, using a cream colored poly or cotton lining in addition to a heavy duty Velcro fastener in front for keeping it securely on at all times. It is actually designed for extended comfort and protective put on. 
Bird shoulder capes function convenient treat pockets to shop favourite treats of the pet birds, who appreciate being in a position to forage for their treats within their own treat pockets. It also provides sewn on 2 D-rings with swift link, interchangeable toys which will easily be removed for washing.
Simultaneously, bird shoulder capes safeguard your clothes though the accompanying toys entertain your pet birds. While the birds are riding on your shoulders and kept busy when genuinely enjoying the toys that come attached to the bird shoulder capes, the bird shoulder capes look good enough to go outdoors with as it does a terrific job of protecting clothes and dismisses the issue of dirty clothes and broken jewelry. Bird owners appreciate their shirts staying free of charge and clean of bird poops and holes from birds chewing on their clothes.
Bird shoulder capes has an optional 20 inch bird Lanyard, which features a slide leg hoop to fit mid-sized to significant birds, for the provision of extra safety of stopping your pet bird from flying off your shoulder should it get scared or frightened.
Bird shoulder capes allow pet bird owners to take their pets with them outside with the residence with out worry of putting their feathered companions in harms’ way and losing them to the interim. Bird shoulder capes happen to be tested to become bird protected and were made with the ideal interest of feathered pets in thoughts. Come check out Bird Care Products.com and check out the latest bird shoulder capes readily available for your pet birds.

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