Purposeful Dog Walking

Would you choose the time you spend with your children to talk on your cell, work, enjoy listening to music and do other kinds of things? Or would try to give them your undivided attention and hear them when they spoke? When you arrive home at night and take your dog for a stroll, do you give your dog your total attention, or are you distracted with things like phone calls and MP3s?

Dogs might not be our youngsters, but they miss us when we’re gone and need our attention, as well. Keeping this in mind while walking your pet will both enhance your dog’s safety and your relationship.

Many owners put something like an EzyDog harness on their dog and head out, already punching buttons on their cell phones. Calls, texts, videos and email are looked after while walking their pet. While many folks do like to multitask, and that walk is a bit of time that you might use to do that, there are reasonable excuses for avoiding it.

First, if you’re taking a look at your mobile and giving it a lot of attention, that’s less attention your dog is getting. That also means you are less certain to note an approaching person, dog or automobile. Can your dog dash in the way of advancing traffic? Could your dog pull the leash from your hand while you’re distracted?

Aside from these potential accidents waiting to happen, there’s the problem of bonding with your dog during this time together, too. Your dog has missed you, just like kids would miss you. Make it your time and your dog’s so your pet can get some of the total attention he’s been craving. And since interacting with our pets lowers blood pressure and helps with stress, it’s good for you, also.

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