Canadian Horse-back Riding Adventures

Do you like tame horses and untamed terrain? Do you get thrills out of horse riding in almost uncharted territory? If so , you will absolutely love horse riding adventures in Canada. If you’re at all aware of Canada’s geography, you will know that it consists of some of the most gorgeous mountain terrain anywhere worldwide. If you are turned on by the idea of horseback riding in some of the most gorgeous lushness on earth at the best time of year, you pick autumn, when the country side can be a unqualified riot of colors.

Trust me, horse riding in Canada is the kind of experience that’s simply unmatched any place else.

The biggest advantage of Canada is that huge tracts of the country are still open, relatively empty, unsullied by all the trappings of ‘civilization’ and with natural beauty that has not been gutted over millennia of human depravation. Those people you do run into are very friendly. A trip following the course of the St. Lawrence will take you through some beautiful country, with no dearth of acceptable accommodation and glorious food. A horseback trip by the side of the Yukon will take you on a memorable mountain adventure with white water rapids, gold rush day trails and wildlife galore.

To a reasonable extent, of course, the longer you vacation the better, but whether you go on a day’s trip or a week’s, your journey will make up for memories that you will cherish for life. Horses available here are totally healthy animals of quality breeding and unfaultable training and manners. You’ll encounter staff who are helpful, knowlegable and informative. They will make sure you are on top of the situation always in terms of handling your pony and taking acceptable precautions for the safety of your pony and yourself. You can choose tent accommodation or for more luxurious lodges. If you stay up late into the night, you can take advantage of the sight of a lifetime: the astounding midnight sun.

While choosing programs that involve horseback travel along Canada’s rustic routes, you can go in for a bit of horseback excitement at a Dude Ranch. Your pleasure won’t be any the less whether you are alone, with your wife, with your family or on your honeymoon. You can rest assured of one thing: whoever is with you is also going to have the whale of a time.

Regardless of if you have no experience whatsoever with horses, you can still go straight ahead with a horseback holiday in Canada. You can avail of the services of some exceptional instructors who will make you adept at pony trekking in awfully short order. Some of them take you farther. They let you see a little bit of jumping and trick riding. They teach you about pony care and upkeep, and about horse gear. They give insights into how barns and stalls are structured. You also get to pick up some grooming tips, as well as show tips. You can take your own horse if you choose an outfit with boarding facilities.

You must do some home work to discover what package in Canada would suit you the best. You are also given the choice of customizing your package with some of the operators.

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