Your Dog And Your Yard

If you are fortunate enough to have a large backyard, your dog has loads of space to play and potty without the necessity for you take her for a walk away from your house. Your dog will still benefit from walks for exercise, but a fenced back yard can be a pet owner’s friend. Remember that leaving your pet in the rear yard unmonitored too frequently can essentially lead to behaviour problems.

Even if you can open your door and let your dog safely outside, you need to get a collar or dog harness and leash and train your dog to walk properly without pulling. First of all, walking with your dog is a bonding experience. And the process of coaching your dog to behave on a dog leash is nice for both of you. Your dog learns to behave and you find out more about your dog. It’s simply a technique for pet and pet owner to enjoy getting some exercise in each other’s company.

You will most likely have to or want to take your dog somewhere ultimately, also. If you’ve trained your dog to be comfortable in a dog harness and leash, then it should really go smoothly. If your dog has only ever run in the back yard off a leash, getting her to be tranquil when using them for the first time might be a real challenge.

You can still let your dog out in the back yard while also leash training. But keep the downsides of a big back yard in your brain, and do not leave your dog out there too frequently or for too much time.

There is not a lot wrong with your dog spending time outside, just be certain it’s not too much. And when your dog is outside, be absolutely sure there is a dog house or other shelter provided so your dog can get out of rain or stormy weather. And provide lots of water, particularly in warm weather.

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