Ways To Get Rid Of Behavior Problems Through Jack Russell Training

Is your JRT a tad too feisty? Is your four-legged companion really more of a problem? It is crucial that you apply Jack Russell training as soon as possible to help your four-legged friend develop desirable behaviors. When you create strict, consistent rewards and punishments for your pup in the beginning, good behavior will follow. However if your pet dog has developed undesirable behavior, it’s not yet late to fix the problem. Here are some training tips to get your dog on the correct path.

Dogs with canine separation anxiety ought not to sleep in their human’s bed. Fido may be warm but sad to say, sleeping in bed often causes dogs to build unhealthy, excessive fixations on their owners. By giving your canine friend a crate or bed of his own, he’ll have his own space and learn a little independence. It also helps to get your furry friend accustomed to you leaving the house. To do so, walk just outside the door holding your keys and bag. After a short while, go back inside to make it clear to him that you will always return every time you go. Reward him if he stays calm. Gradually boost the time of you being outside and eventually the distance.

For dogs that chew inappropriately, try a training aid such as a liquid that has a strong, bitter taste. Many pet stores sell holistic products that taste awful to most dogs. Many people choose to steep pepper flakes in water in a spray bottle instead. Whatever you choose, a bitter or spicy deterrent on furniture, shoes or other items that you do not want your four-legged pet chewing or eating can stop this behavior in his tracks. Moreover, constant supervision also do magic to eliminate this behavior. When you see your canine pet in the act of doing the deed, get his attention immediately, remove the object he is chewing and replace it with his chew toy. Give reward after.

Jack Russell training may also be used to stop your pet’s extreme barking. When your pet dog barks, he’s seeking out attention of some sort. If you give it to him, this may motivate him to go on. Be aware that to a dog, negative attention is preferable to no attention at all so instead, try to look away and pretend he isn’t there. When he quiets down, wait for some time before rewarding him. Rewarding him too soon may make him believe that you’re rewarding the barking instead.

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