Train Your Rescue Dog Properly

Many people who decide to adopt rescue dogs already have one more pets at home. Usually, there’s at least one more pup. There’s often a tendency to keep the rescue dog separated from the other animals and to allow him to stay away from other humans, too. But socialization is likely one of the biggest things you can do for a new dog, especially a rescue animal.

Instead of letting the pet withdraw from other people, encourage interaction with treats, an optimistic tone of voice and a refusal to let the dog fall into problem behaviors or stay terrified. There is absolutely no reason to be harsh with your new dog, but a gentle urging to interact with others will help.

When introducing a rescue dog or any new pet to your current brood, a good dog leash is important. Sometimes even the calmest, most mild-mannered dogs will react aggressively when faced with another dog they’re not used to. Even if a fight happens, that doesn’t mean your pets won’t end up content and close eventually. A quality leash that allows you control of the dog can help you keep the dogs separated if things don’t work out right at first.

By the time you adopt any rescue pet, it has been cared for and given medical care. It should be used to some interaction with people, and it has probably been around a variety of other dogs. Resist the urge to use an abusive past as an excuse to let the dog indulge in behaviors you wouldn’t allow in your other pets.

Choose a comfortable, quality harness like a soft one with a chest-plate design instead of a collar if you need to set your mind at ease. Not only will a good harness allow you more control of your dog, it may be far more comfy for him than a collar.

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