Training Your Hunting Dog

The hunting dog is a valuable tool in the world of hunting. They can also make great companions and friends. But before that, they must be trained to fulfill their duties the best as they can. Here are some important tips for having a good hunting dog.

For starters, know your breeds. There are several differences, from the subtle to the obvious, in what kind of dog you need for the kind of hunting you intend to do. There are many different breeds and some are more suitable for a certain kind of prey than others. Just ask breeders of English pointers. For example, a dog that’s good for bird hunting might not be good for going after deer, and vice versa. Or how a dog that’s good for hunting climbing animals like squirrels and racoons isn’t such a great choice when hunting waterfowl like ducks and geese. So when getting a hunting dog, make sure you do your research to get a member of a breed that’s been conditioned through generations of careful breeding and training to do exactly what you need it to.

Next, it’s a good idea to “catch ‘em young”. That is, start training them when they’re puppies. This is the time to train them while their minds are impressionable and they are very psychically fit. Remember that old saying about old dogs and new tricks. Teach them what scents and what kinds of animals to go after. Spend as much time with them as you can to they are used to you and see you as their provider and leader. Teach them important commands. Make sure they aren’t gun shy. Teach them how to swim (a good idea even if you don’t go duck or goose hunting). Reward the ones that do as they are supposed to and discipline those who need disciplining. Make sure you don’t baby the puppies or pamper them. They need to be taken care of, but if you treat them as a lap dog, they won’t do nearly as well when you are hunting with them. It is good to develop a relationship with the dog, but remember that treating the dog as a little lapdog or house pets, it will compromise their hunting skills. 

The most important step is to work on the bond between you and your dog. As many of us know, a dog can be a wonderful companion, even better than some people. Dogs tend to be loyal, obedient, and be there for you when no one else is. It’s essentially that your dog sees you as not only a master, but as a friend. Have them know you so well they’ll almost know what you’re thinking. This way, they will do whatever you tell them out of sheer loyalty or even love. This will lead to a very good hunting performance and could even save your life someday. It’s important to make sure they know who is in charge, because they really on the “boss” to know what to do.

Follow these simple but important guidelines and you are sure to have a good hunting dog. These methods have served English pointer breeders well for centuries and can serve you well too in getting the perfect dog for your hunting needs, and hopefully a good friend.

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