The 2 Sides Of The Horsemanship Coin

I have no claims to being a genius, but you would think twenty years of exposure to any subject would be adequate to make you an expert. It took me twenty, long years of being with horses to find Natural Horsemanship. Over all of that time, I did try consistently to boost my horse sense and my horsemanship. I now know I just wasn’t making the kind of progress I should have been, not withstanding all of the time I spent with various professionals and trainers.

I wasn’t mindful of all this when my hubby advised it was time to get a stallion, and I heartily concurred. That stallion taught me just how little I knew. He was 3 years of age when we purchased him, and gave us no problems at all until we started him off on the mares. He became temperamental, and became much worse as time went by.

We went thru 1 or 2 Parelli tours and acquired the kits. We were well into that program when it struck me that we need to do something faster in the interests of our peace of mind and safety. I started to work with Mario Rossi, a natural horseman in the neighborhood. I wanted to improve my ability to engage with and handle horses. Rossi started me off slow and easy.

Things took a fast turn in the right direction when I had got deep into Mario’s training. The progress was phenomenal. I learned all that is salient about horse psychology from Mario. He taught me all about balance, feel and timing. I had heard or read quite a bit of what he was teaching earlier, but this hands on experience was a completely new revelation. In the initial days, as I progressed from horse to horse, I was amazed at the improvement in their behavior. It took me a while to realize that this was not my horses, it was I who had improved. Mario was teaching me well.

Unfortunately, my workout with Mario came too late to help with our stallion. We had him gelded and started to treat him like any other horse. He now had to learn how to cope with the other horses, something he hadn’t bothered to do before. That is when we learned just how much we had been deluding ourselves about our horse expertise.

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