Environmental Cleaning Crew

Algae is a unavoidable evil for pretty well each area of water. Providing an element of biological purification and a consumer of phosphates, algae is a friend foe mixture. Too much algae will take over your tank, too tiny and the advantages of filtration and sustenance for algae eaters is lost.

The employment of natural techniques like snails, hermit crabs and various algae eating fish combined with correctly balanced water and lighting is unavoidably the handiest method of algae control. There are of course compatibility issue one needs to keep in mind when mixing assorted species of cleanup animals.

Some algae eating fish like Plecos, can grow giant and can become quite assertive as they progress. These beasts will also initiate aggression to other livestock also , so they should be used in huge tanks with larger more dominant fish.

Hermit crabs are grand aquarium cleaners from algae to cleaning the gravel. Some species such as the Halloween Hermit Crab will maintain their tiny size (about 2 inches) and are quite calm. Should they run right out of food nevertheless snails will make a fine meal, and they may even pilfer the snails shell for his new home. Hermit crabs can also be quite detrimental when on the hunt for food and can even interrupt coral rocks. As a fail safe, ensure you have got some empty shells in the tank that Hermit Crabs can use rather than murdering your snails, and watch for any sign of eradication. Should algae become scarce they feed quite happily on dried seaweed and Mysis Shrimp. It is recommended however that hermit crabs be employed in FO (fish only) tanks or FOWLR (fish only with live rock) tanks as they can be quite destructive to reef tanks.

Snails are a standard answer for algae control. Snails are very peaceful and will also reproduce in the tank replenishing their numbers. They can however , become food for hungry Herbit Crabs. Snails can inhabit any type of tank so long as there are no predators to eat them.

Irrespective of what you are introducing to your tank there will always be compatibility issues that need be considered before joining a new creature to your tank.

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