How To Recognize Ulcers In Your Horses And Treat Them

What do you do if your normally balanced performance pony starts behaving a little well, weird? Would you jump to the assumption that he’s getting a distended head, or would you try to give the matter deeper analysis?

Don’t reach for an unjustified conclusion. If you find your pony all of a sudden doing things that are not ordinary for him, you might need to desist from dismissing it all as his attitude. You might need to get your vet over to do a little bit of investigation.

Your pony may quite possibly be signalling equine ulcer symptoms to you.

Here is what should get you alert:

your pony will not jump

he plays up in the street smart way

he kicks at the trailer

he pins his ears back when you get ready to mount him

he bites or kicks as his girth is being tightened.

If more than one of these behavior patterns occur simultaneously, don’t dismiss them as not related. All of them arise from equine ulcers. In the recent past, gut and colon ulcers have been branded serious health treats by vets and animal health researchers. They can be of particular concern if they trouble performance horses and horses under coaching.

Ulcers are most commonly found among these classes of horses because of:

irregular high carbohydrate meals

irregular access to hay or pasture

loaded training sessions

high stress ways of living

excessive use of substances, particularly the non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory type.

When providing treatment for horses for ulcers, I prefer to give them pelleted senior horse feed. This feed is way easier to digest than grains. I have also found thru long experience that supplementing feed with Simplexity Health and Stomach Soother, singly, both together and both or either with SUCCEED can be of serious help.

I describe these products below.

Simplexity Health Products

These products are based on strong acidophilus, bifidus, enzymes, and blue green algae. When added as a supplement to pelleted senior feed, they are very relaxing to the gut. They enable training horses with ulcer symptoms to stay in training without any risk of unjustified effects. Acidophilus and bifidus are probiotics that help heal stomach ulcerations; the enzymes help in straightforward digestion without aggravation. The blue-green algae boosts the healing process while serving as an easily accessed energy source extracted from the glycogen in the blue-green algae cell wall.

Stomach Soother

This product has been designed in particular to treat equine stomach ulcers and digestive trouble. The product is an extract of the tropical fruit natural papaya, local to Central America and Mexico. Papain, the important component in papaya, is comparable to the digestive enzyme pepsin. It incites appetite, eases esophagus and stomach membranes and quells bowel inflamation.

Papaya is also rich in essentials like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin. Ulcer formation can be completely stopped with a dosage of only 2 oz twice each day. Horses with ulcer symptoms experience a very calming effect after papaya intake. This product has a long life-span if it is refrigerated once the container is opened. The maker of this product is working on small containers with contents enough for one day’s dose, to help those who do not have access to chillers close at hand.


SUCCEED is an organic product with polar lipid-rich oat oil and flour of oat, rich in fiber soluble in beta-glucan, extraction of yeast, and L-Threonine as well as L-Glutamine, the amino acids. Polar lipids, which are water-soluble fats, considerably help bloodstream absorption of nutriments and sustain healthy tummy linings. Digestion rate is improved by soluble oat fiber. Standard volumes of digestive microbes are sustained in the bowel by yeast extract. The amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Threonine contribute to the fitness of bowel mucous lining.

SUCCEED is available in paste form to enable each day administration to horses that are off feed, a positive symptom of equine ulcers. SUCCEED is available too in granule form that serves as feed supplement, to be added once or twice daily.

I’ve found SUCCEED to be positively great for horses going through ulcers in the bowel. Most pony owners have discovered that combining SUCCEED and Stomach Soother gives the most impressive results.

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