Develop Trust With Your Pony By Teaching Her To Lie Down

Before you go train your mare for a horse ballet such as dressage, try teaching her some basic tricks first.

Eventually having your own pony probably made you more determined to become a full-on equestrian. But irrespective of how fervent you are your dressage competing days must wait until your mare is ready with the right coaching and experience to handle it. In the meantime, just enjoy horse riding and even better practice your training abilities by developing trust between you and your mare by teaching her a simple trick; like lying down, for instance.

Begin by providing your pony protection for her legs. With the rope placed on the pastern found on the mare’s leg that’s next to you, ask your mare to offer you her foot and let the rope help you in holding up the foot. While doing this ask your mare to lean back. Release just as quickly as your mare leans back, commend her, and put her foot down.

Next, ask your horse to rock back and continue doing so till her knee gets to touch the ground. Ensure your mare’s nose isn’t pointed between her legs as that may make it difficult for her to lie down. When your mare becomes more comfortable with her knee touching the ground, ask your mare to stay a bit longer before letting her get up. At about that point, teach your horse the cue for getting up so she’s going to look for your sign to get up before she is doing so and remain staying down before the cue.

For the following steps, see if your pony will lift her knee from the ground. If so , place the rope under her stomach toward the other side of her body, over her back, and in your hands again to keep your mare’s foot up in case she resists the steps that follow.

While your mare’s knee is on the ground, direct her nose towards the other side, the opposite of where you stand, and ask her to rock back far more. Slowly, your pony will come down on her shoulders and lie down. Permit her to get up once she wants to do so.

Give the cue for lying down. Let your mare lie down and get up many times before asking her to remain down which you’ll do by having your mare bend her head on her side. Eventually, let your mare stay down longer before signaling her to get up.

Once your mare has learned your cues, it’ll become natural for her to lie down and get up when you teach her to do so.

Remember that horses can’t learn this in a single day.

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