Arthritis And The Older Horse – Remedies

There are a selection of home cures or treatments you can use for your senior horse companion if he is having a large amount of pain and redness with his arthritis. And a few of them can be done at the exact same time. The thing to bear in mind is that your horse is an individual and may not take too kindly to some treatments, and be just fine with others. Treat them accordingly and go along with the flow.

If his joints are really swollen and agonizing and the Vet has suggested he be confined for a 24 hour or longer period, either utilize a box stall with tons of cushy hay or a little turn out pen with plenty of soft grass underfoot. If your horse is herd sour and pitches a fit when out of sight of its buddy, put the buddy somewhere close. The last thing that you want is your sore horse to be fretting and pacing more attempting to find his mate.

You can try using a flexible ice pack or even a bag of frozen peas tucked in a towel on the distended joint for 5 minutes. Remove for 15 minutes, repeat 3 times in a row. If you can wrap the joint, then try a standing bandage to help scale back swelling and redness. You can also try Neo-Ice Equine bandages or an ice gel that provides deep penetrating action to help cut back edema and inflammation.

Since he’ll just get as stiff as all get out if left standing in a stall, take him out twice each day and hand walk him. Remove his bandage first then walk for approximately 15 minutes to get limber. When you take him back to his stall or pen, rewrap the bandage. Every day steadily increase his exercise. You are going to need to do this about 4 times per day as he progresses and then also reduce the period of time he’s to be restricted to about half the original time period.

You will be doing controlled exercises like hand-walking, ponying at a walk or slow trot or riding at a walk or slow trot. These all depend on what condition your senior is in, so use your discretion. If the swelling returns, you need to slow down.

If there is not any swelling an hour after the exercise session (s) you should be able to turn your senior back out into this regular pasture and then slowly get into a straightforward exercise program. If however there’s swelling, you are going to need to call your Veterinarian to re-assess the situation.

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