Understanding Mares With Their Cycles

When it is summer, your mares will start their cycles. That means they may exhibit varied symptoms of distress or discomfort. These symptoms include:

  • Regular swishing of the tail
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Resistance to girth tightening
  • Sore flanks and lower backs
  • An inclination to lean on posts or walls
  • Indications of colic.

You may know these symptoms derive from the mare’s cycles if they come and go in patterns corresponding to her 16 to 21 day cycle. Nevertheless if the symptoms endure without let up, you will have to look for other root causes.

It isn’t an uncommon tendency for pony owners to resort to a drug that suppresses estrus, but these people disregard the possibility that a good mare can be in heat without being afflicted by the kind of discomfort that suppresses her standard functioning. The most healthy of mares occasionally show some estrus-related discomfort; your best course of action is to adapt your mare’s training and riding schedules.

Since a large amount of issues stemming from the estrus relate to stagnation of the liver, bolstering the liver and hormones will ease these issues. You can enhance the liver with milk thistle over a course of 10 days. Dong Quai (also called tang kuei) is a brilliant herb for liver restoration and hormone equilibrium. If needed, you can administer herbal pain relief products like RelaxHer Blend also provide good liver support.

Mares that perform demanding exercise like jumping, cutting or racing may tend to draw air into their vaginas. This can create great irritation; you can try and tighten the vulva tissue with homeopathic remedies like sepia. You may resort to caslicks procedures that seal the vulva’s upper part, preventing the mares from sucking air into their vaginas.

Due to their sensitiveness and temperament issues, mares may not suit all riders. However, a mare that enjoys a close bond with its rider can work much harder than geldings. Give your mare the regard she merits and she’ll repay you with her best efforts even when she could be in heat.

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