Shipping Your Pets To A New Place – Handy Tips

Because We all adore our pets regardless of whether they’re furry or scaly and the thought of moving them to a new location can seem problematic. Unlike the fridge or the bookcase, your pet will need extra special care and attention. Dogs are different to cats, which are different to birds – no two pets are the same and as such transporting pets will often vary between species and breeds.Organising a courier service for pets needn’t be so hard!

{Take your pets to vets}

In most cases you will need to take them to a vet for a check-up and to be given the all-clear that your furry friend is well enough to travel. Fish, lizards and other certain animals may not need check-ups as they need less maintenance and attention. Because finding a new vet take a long time you should ensure your pet is up to date with all the relevant shots. At the vets you should ask for all the relevant and veterinary records; if your pet is travelling by air it will require a health certificate. Ask your vet about prescribing sedatives for your pet during travel as this might make it more calm.


Before you set off, take a recent photo of your pet in the rare circumstance that yours gets lost. Identification is essential for when your pet is being moved. A collar with an ID tag containing your name, phone number and destination address would be perfect.

{The big day}

You will want to keep your pet at a location outside of the house when it comes to moving day. The chaotic environment will spook the majority of pets. Consider keeping your pet in a kennel a couple of days before moving day, leaving you free to pack up your house. If you cannot take your pet to a kennel or a friend’s place you should keep a place in your house to keep your pet in whilst you prepare for your move.

{Travelling inventory}

Create a list of things the pet will need during transportation, such as cages, carriers, toys and blankets. Always feed and water your pet around five or six hours before being taken to your new house. Pets get travel sick too! Remember, you can always hire a DEFRA licensed pet courier to take the hassle out of moving your pet if all this seems like to much trouble. Be aware when choosing a man and van operator to carry out the work as they might be cheaper but not as reliable.

{Upon arrival}

When your pet arrives at your new home give it its favourite treat and plenty of affection as moving can sometimes be a stressful time for animals. Let your pet become acclimatised to its new surroundings by letting it in all the rooms in the house.

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