Get Set Up For A New Pet Rabbit

You really ought to know a few things before bringing a new pet rabbit home. As well as a few supplies that you’re going to need to look after the new pet rabbit you can also go to your neighborhood library and check out some books on basic rabbit care and the supplies you will need.

Some of the supplies that you definitely need are things like a cage to keep the rabbit in or a rabbit hutch. Which you use will depend on the breed but mid size to large rabbit breeds are better kept out of doors in rabbit hutches so they have plenty of room to play around in.

You’ll need either a total rabbit pellet or a mix of a well balanced regular diet for your rabbit. You’ll need some alfalfa hay or timothy hay for the rabbit daily. You may also have to keep a variety of fresh green vegetables available to feed the new rabbit. A rabbit safe food dish, a water bottle, rabbit safe litter, a litter box, and some rabbit safe bedding should also be purchased ready. You may also get some rabbit safe toys and gnawing blocks.

All of the items mentioned above can be purchased at a local petshop or pet supply company. Once you have the items on the list set up the rabbit cage and become familiar with how everything works and how much food the rabbit will need daily. You want to be fully prepared to care for the rabbit and teach the young kids in the home how to care for the rabbit without hurting it.

If its a self assembly hutch set it up and put the litter box within it. Then you can attach the water bottle to the cage, it will clip right on the wire of the cage or hutch. Then you need to place some rabbit safe bedding on the cage floor. This is going to help in two ways, the bedding will keep the rabbits feet off the wire to stop sore feet and the bedding will absorb any rabbit pee while your rabbit learns to go to the litter box.

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