Ensure That Your Pet Lives A Long, Healthy Life

Today, breeders are in heavy demand to create pets with certain looks and characteristics. Both dogs and cats have been faced with inbreeding and genetic tinkering, which has altered our pet’s natural ability to cure and maintain their well-being. In this article, we intend to target the area where we have got the most control.

The bad quality nutrition in the current day's pet foods and treats, together with unwarranted vaccinations, chemical bath washings and toxic medicines inhibit our pets from the real chance to reach their active life potential.

Too common today with our pets is premature ageing. We have accepted the shortened guessed lifespan of our dogs and cats. The question then appears whether we, the average pet owner, can make choices for our animals that will reverse this shocking trend.

Doctor. Lisa S. Newman, N.D, PH.D, owner of Azmira Holistic Animal Center, is quoted as exclaiming, “Cats once capable of simply reaching the age of twenty five now are seen as “seniors” at the age of 6. Dogs die even younger, only living to be eleven when they should reach 15 and even 20 years old for little breeds. My horses average 30 years in life, my cats have lived well in to their twenties and my massive breed Rotty lived to fifteen, one to even 16 years old. Most vitally, they lived very healthy lives, not lives ruled by dis-ease.”

Dr. Newman has was extremely successful using her holistic lifestyle system which includes, detoxification, high nutritional pet food, herbal and homeopathic cures, exercise and correct communication and care. Why then, can’t all pet owners have the success that Doctor. Newman has had in caring for her pets?

Awareness and Education

Awareness and education might be the solution.. One area of awareness to review is pet food and the pet food industry. It is increasingly clear in this billion-dollar industry that stock costs are far more important than true nutrition. You can see why the average pet owner would unconsciously buy inadequate and sometimes dangerous pet food.

Marketing campaigns are smartly designed to pull at our heartstrings. It’s hard to believe that these firms basically put little money in the nutritional price of the pet food compared with the millions spent on promoting. We see our pets as true members of the family, so we need to be educated on the ingredients that we our feeding them.

Just as you wouldn't feed your kid an Enormous Mac and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner your pet needs your help in making healthy decisions for their optimum health. If we knew the meat employed in many pet foods was from sick and rotting animals, we would possibly consider carefully about feeding it to our beloved pet. Education is critical. We need to do our homework and research the ingredients on the products we give to our pets because they are only dependent on us for their welfare. When you see a soppy commercial with some cute small puppies that tugs at your heartstrings and have the urge to buy that brand for your pet, you might want to read what exactly the maker is putting in the food. Unfortunately, the companies that have got the best commercials usually have the worst food for your pet.

The bottom line is that if we adore our pets so much, why don’t we bother to investigate what we are putting in their bodies. If we probably did do the study, we would learn why more and more dogs and cats are dying from cancer. Why their lifespan has shortened and why more pets have developed conditions like allergies and osseous rheumatism – to name a few. Some pet owners will spends hundreds on clothing and gnaw toys per month, but then say they can't afford to buy high quality pet food.

So if increasing the life of our pets is our main goal, one main area we want to look at is their nutrition. We might find out that we have some control of our pet’s fitness and well-being. Slowly, we can turn the tables and start increasing the lifespan of our pets, not decreasing it.

Jackie Boylan is La Quinta Realtor, pet lover and CEO of Window Cleaning San Diego.

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