How to identify aggressive dog behavior.

Dog aggression can be a very serious problem. Every once in a while there’s report in media, TV and radio broadcasts that tells of a young child or adult being viciously attacked by an dangerous dog.

If you have an aggressive dog you are answerable for its behaviour and its actions. Recently, in Australia, a four-year-old girl was sadly mauled to death by neighbour’s dangerous dog. That dog also savagely mauled other grownups and children in the house at the same time of the attack.

The mum and aunt of the girl tried to fight the dog to release the child and as a result they were badly hurt. This sad death of a beautiful young girl and injury of others in the home should not have happened. The dog was put down and the owners of that dog are now facing manslaughter charges.

In several Western countries the penalty for owning a dog who injures or kills can be the very same as if you had maimed or killed the person with your own hands. This can mean that you can be charged with manslaughter or murder if your dog kills a human.

In some states certain breeds of dog must also be registered on a dangerous dogs register.

As a result of this latest attack and the death of the four-year-old girl, State government laws have changed so that certain strains of dog can be euthanized by authorities if they don’t seem to be registered on the dangerous dogs register by the owner.

Warning signs.

To spot if your dog has an aggressive kind of nature it’s really important to understand warning indicators. Dogs with an aggressive nature will occasionally snarl all bark at strangers passing by. Another sign is that your dog will be overprotective of you or the members of your family.

Identifying the danger signs.

Ask yourself these questions;

  • Does my dog growl at other dogs?
  • Does my dog act overprotective of me on my family?
  • Is my dog very possessive of their possessions?
  • Is my dog aggressive at meal times and protective of their food?
  • Does my dog ever nip or bite during play?

Before obviously identifying if your dog is showing aggressive behavior it is particularly important to understand the different types of dog aggression. The 4 main categories of dog aggression are.

  • Dominance aggression.
  • Fear aggression.
  • Territorial or possessive aggression.
  • Redirected aggression.

Next, find out a good way to identify aggressive dog behavior. Learn about the four types of dog aggression. Learn how to assess if your dog has an issue with dog aggression or if their aggression caused by dog anxiety issues.

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