Tips To Stop Puppy Chewing Problems

Puppies are generally an excellent addition to every home.  Even so, deciding to bring a puppy home is a significant commitment.  Puppies require quite a bit of attention and time.  There are numerous hurdles to overcome when caring for a puppy.  As cute and adorable as they are, there are plenty of bad behaviors which may evolve when not trained properly.  One of the most frequent issues with brand new puppies is chewing.  Here are several helpful techniques to battle puppy chewing.

To start with, it is important to ensure there are lots of toys which are devoted to your puppy.  Ensuring that the puppy has his or her own personal toys to chew on will help avert unwanted destruction of things like furniture and shoes.  Nonetheless, you have to train the puppy to use its very own chew toys and not the couch.

When you are training a puppy to make use of his or her chew toys, it is essential to give them praise if they are doing so.  When they’re chewing on anything that is unacceptable, they need to be reprimanded.  When they know what they’ve done is undesirable, immediately let them have their toy and praise them.  This will train them to chew on their own toys.

In certain cases, even if there are numerous puppy chewing toys, they will still continue to chew on your things.  In these particular situations there are actually sprays readily available at any pet shop to help you stop them from chewing on unwanted things.  These sprays are usually sour or bitter apple or pepper based.  These sprays are natural and will not hurt your pet or furnishings.

It’s also critical to promote good habits with the puppy.  One way to do this is simply by playing with your puppy and his or her toys.  Also it is very important that they like their toys.  This will likely encourage them to have fun with their toys and chew on them.  Chew bones are always a favorite of puppies.  Not only do they taste good, but they are also healthy for the puppy’s teeth and good for their breath.  It is every bit as essential to make certain you don’t encourage poor habits.  As an example, giving your dog a chew toy which looks like a foot or perhaps a shoe resembles something they are not supposed to chew.

These are several basic methods which may be used to fight the issues with puppy chewing.  Together with time and devotion it is possible to train your puppy not to chew on your furniture or any other belongings.  With love and commitment, your puppy will develop into a terrific companion.

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