How To Stop Puppy Jumping Behavior

A brand new puppy is an exciting addition to your family. The puppy is usually as enthusiastic about getting adopted into a brand new pack as the family is about getting a new puppy. A new pet is frequently so excited that he will jump all over the new owners. As far as the dog knows, he or she isn’t really doing something wrong. He’s simply sharing his affection for his newly found pack mates. Guests in your home might not be so enthusiastic about seeing your new dog as the dog is about seeing them. If you own a new pet, you will need to figure out a way to handle puppy jumping behavior.

Getting this situation in control will involve training the pet. There are as many theories on the best way to train a dog as there are trainers. Many focus on punishment and reward.  When the dog jumps up on other people, he has to understand that his master does not approve. Pack animals desire the approval of those who they perceive as the leader. An owner has to establish dominance in the relationship early.

Whenever it is done correctly, he does not have to use a lot more aggressive approaches to assert it later. Even something as simple as an uncomfortable noise can help. The  idea is that it should be something that conveys to the puppy that he has displeased you in some manner.  Should you need recommendations on how you can do that, there are plenty of dog training experts who will help you get the idea of what you need to do.

Punishment is not as helpful as rewarding the pet any time he does well. Puppies, like little children, need approval from all those close to them. They also really like treats. Offering your puppy treats cements your approval and lets the animal know he did well. Even when it does not work exactly as the dog owner hopes, the canine companion will duplicate the prior performance in the hope that he’ll get something sooner or later.

The owner can steadily raise the time between giving treats until the puppy knows what is expected of him all of the time. It’s not always very easy to stop puppy jumping behavior, and high strung breeds are far more likely to have issues than low-energy breeds are with the same thing.

The methods offered here are effective for quite a few areas of training, but if you’re not certain if a specific strategy will be effective, it is best to check with a qualified professional. Not every pet is going to be an obedience school graduate. A number of breeds are strong-willed and can give their owners an extremely difficult time. But with a lot of persistence and love, it is possible to cure puppy jumping behavior once and for all.

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