Deciding Upon Which Type Of Coop You Should Have

Perhaps one of the decisions you are struggling with right at this moment is choosing the kind of chicken coop you need.  There are many different chicken coops which you can construct, however knowing what type will best fit your needs is important to get best results.   If you fork out the money on a chicken coop, it only makes sense that it has got to suit your unique needs, which means that beginning on the right foot is vital.

There are a few important elements that you should take into consideration before picking what type of coop to make.  The following guidelines will steer you down the right path to choosing properly and also being perfectly happy with your new chicken coop after it is constructed.


Possibly one of the more important factors that will have to be thought about is the size of chicken house you wish to build.  There’s small, medium, and large designs for the chicken houses, each which allow for a certain amount of chickens.  

The main mistake you can make is trying to cram way too many chickens in your hen house.  Due to the fact each chicken needs so much space to feel comfortable and lay eggs properly, you’ll wish to ensure you’re picking your size wisely.

It’s always much better to err on the size of being too large versus being too small, plus after that you can always add extra chickens to the chicken coop if you would like afterwards.

Portable Versus Fixed

The next question you should consider is whether or not you would like your hen house to be portable or if you preferred one that is fixed instead.  Portable chicken coops provide you with the benefit of having the ability to move it around to wherever you are, therefore if you’re someone that wants to keep your chickens as pets, this would make for a rather appealing option.

Also, having a mobile or portable chicken coop makes it possible for easier repairs and maintenance as you can merely relocate the chicken coop to wherever you have to clean it.

Conversely, if you’re interested in something with a bit more structural integrity then you will likely be much better off deciding on a fixed chicken house since these are going to be constructed stronger so they can withstand wear and tear.


Factor in proper protection from potential predators as you make your decision on what type of chicken house to build as well.  Ideally you should have a very solid fencing system to keep all varieties of predators out.  This will need to be built to match the size of the hen house you are creating too.

Overall appearance

Lastly, consider the appearance of what you wish your chicken coop to look like. There are a number of different ways for you to build the hen house that will have an impact on the general style and design of the chicken house.  This will in all likelihood affect the price of the building process, and so it’s something to take into account and work within your budget.

You can find undoubtedly less costly methods to create your chicken coop so being familiar with the different things that will affect the cost is the initial step to making a good choice.

So, make certain you are factoring these things in as you decide which sort of hen house you want to make.  Gaining the information up front prior to starting to build can certainly help save you several hundred dollars over the long run.

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