Choose The Right Dry Cat Food For Your Pet

When it comes to feeding your feline, you want only the best ingredients to ensure a long, healthy life. While it’s easy to think that all cat food is the same, that’s simply not true. Cats have a variety of nutritional needs and it’s important that you find a food that will meet all of those needs.

Choosing the wrong dry cat food can have lasting consequences for your kitty’s health. For instance, the type of food you choose now will determine your pet’s health when he’s older.

Before you make a decision about changing your cat’s diet, you need to check with your vet. If your cat has an underlying medical condition already, it will have different nutritional needs than a perfectly healthy cat.

It’s best to skip warehouses or grocery store chains when looking for kitty food. While they offer a variety of seemingly healthy foods, the truth is that most of these “healthy” choice pet foods just aren’t that healthy.

Instead, look for premium cat food. You can usually find it in pet shops or online stores. Don’t immediately go for the cheapest when it comes to cat food, either. Cheapest doesn’t always mean it’ll keep your pet healthy.

Look first at the ingredients list on the package of dry cat food. The first ingredient should be some type of meat. If it’s not, keep looking. Whatever is listed first makes up the majority of content in the food.

After finding a package with meat as the first ingredient, study the rest of the list carefully. Ideally, the ingredient list should contain several types of meat and little to no food-based plants like corn or wheat.

Corn and wheat are carbohydrates and a cat’s body isn’t designed to handle carbohydrates, so if your dry food is made up of mainly plant food, skip it. Your cat will be healthier for it and meat is the essential ingredient in a cat’s diet. Their bodies are designed for protein, which they receive from the meat that they eat.

Next, try to find cat food that fits your feline’s stage. For instance, a senior cat will have vastly different nutritional needs than a kitten. It’s important that the food you are buying is best for this stage of their life.

Once you’ve selected the best dry cat food for your pet, it’s important to remember some things. First, always make sure that your cat has plenty of available water. In the wild, a cat’s diet contains a significant amount of water.

Dry food simply can’t provide the amount of water your cat will need and can lead to problems with his bowels. Make sure the water is clean and healthy. If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t expect your cat to.

Next, don’t leave food constantly accessible to your kitty. Instead, have a regular mealtime schedule and stick to it. By doing this, you’ll also be able to observe your cat’s eating habits and you’ll know if your cat stops eating, which is usually the first sign of illness.

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