Help To Stop Your Dog Chewing Everything in Sight

Knowing how to stop your dog chewing everything is important as it is not simply an pricey problem it can be dangerous and distressing too.

Furniture, skirting boards, carpets, shoes and garments can all become targets which is where the financial cost comes in, but having once caught my puppy chewing on some wires under my office desk, I’m all too aware of the danger that chewing can hold for the dog itself. Ask any vet and they will give you endless stories about the things dogs can chew on and swollow !

The distressing part of dog chewing is when they turn the chewing on themselves and compulsively chew their paws or tail until the area is raw.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

Understanding what lies at the roots of your dogs chewing problem is crucial if you’re going to find a way stop it.

The most pronounced chewing is when a puppy is teething. This is both straightforward to understand and to address. Provide masses of toys they can chew on and start to show them what is and is not all right to chew on.

But chewing is also a natural kind of anxiety relief (consider how many people chew their nails when they are nervous) as it helps produces a natural endorphin that will calm you down. Your dog might be chewing for a similar reason.

The issue worsens when a dog starts chewing on paws or other areas of themselves as the gnawing can steadily take off the fur and even goes beyond the skin sometimes and they don’t seem to be concious of the damage they creating.

Have You Got A Stressed Pack Leader in the Hosue?

A dog who has decided they’re pack leader is probably going to be terribly anxious. Dogs, by nature need a leader, and if they don’t believe you are , they’re going to take on the responsiblility themselves.

The difficulty is, dogs don’t understand our human world, which is the reason why they can bark at the TV, phone or delivery man at the door as it’s all a potential threat. They can’t handle the responsibility of being pack leader and therefore the anxiousness starts and as we’ve already mentioned, anxiety will drive a dog to chew everything and anything it can get it’s teeth round.

Separation Anxiety In Dogs

You could have noticed that your dog only chews when you’re out. They never touch your things when you are around or chew the furniture or door frames. Actually it’s only when you leave them home alone that the trouble starts.

I have heard some dog owners say that their dog is doing it to hurt them for leaving them alone, and others who think that it is just dog behavior problems. The truth is that your dog is doing it for a reason.

How To Stop Your Dog Chewing Everything

The solution is simple, take the task of pack leader away from the dog, give them time to relax and trust you and the anxious chewing should stop.

The proper way to do it? Good leadership is all about inspiring confidence, not fear, so there’s no need to use dominance or force. You just need to understand how to demonstrate that you’re the one that the dog can trust with the leadership responsibility. Once the dog knows that you can be trusted with the job, then it will gladly (with some relief too) relinquish the reins and give up chewing for stress relief!

The author has faced dog anxiety problems with her own rescue dog, including the problems of a dog chewing everything. Vsit her site to find out how dog anxiety could be affecting your dogs behaviour.

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