6Female Dog Urinary Tract Infection

urinary tract infection dog and the problems associated with this disease are a common problem. Research and numerous studies have shown that dogs get more UTIs than men. 6There are several reasons for this, and this article will address some of these reasons.


Female dog urinary tract infection: Causes


There are many things that can lead to this problem. One of the most common, however, only age. Once the dog has reached a certain age, it is more likely that the problem lies in the deterioration of the muscles in the urine, damage to the bladder and the formation of the stones are just some of the things that the older dog will face.


The bladder stones often the result of a dog urinary tract infection. Canine bladder stones in both sexes, not just during the night. They form over time, from crystals in the bladder. 2As the crystals become larger, they tend to crunch massive forms a hard substance called bladder stone. The bladder stones can be treated in a variety of ways, depending on the type of stone. Some, however, must be removed surgically. Most, fortunately, can be treated with dietary changes and medication. 7If the canine bladder stones are a common form of urinary tract infection female dog, they are not the only cause.


Dehydration can also cause problems. Again, this can occur in both sexes. Owners should always provide fresh, clean water for their dogs. The water should be free of excessive mineral content, as well as harmful bacteria or other organisms. Homeowners who live in rural areas should be especially aware of what their water borehole.


poor hygiene is also another common form of urinary tract infection dog approaches. If the animal’s genitalia is not cleaned regularly, bacteria can grow in the region and that the same bacteria will move up the urethra and bladder in the dog. Problems can occur anywhere along this path. One of the best ways to prevent this type of problem is to bathe your dog frequently and make sure your genital area clean.


dog urinary tract infection: treatment options


The only way to know for sure what happens to your pet is to see the vet. 5Simple tests, such as urine will help determine the cause of the problem. In some cases, a change in diet is all that is needed. In other cases, the drug may need to prescribe antibiotics, such as infection. In some rare cases the dog may need surgery, as is the case of large bladder stones and rocks do not dissolve in the oral treatments. female dog urinary tract infection can be treated properly only when the cause is unknown.


There are also a few treatment options at home that will help the dog a mild inflammation or prevent the re-occuring infection. For example, you may have heard that cranberry juice may help people with the problem. This is true for dogs. The only problem would be if the dog refuses to drink fruit juices.


Drink more to help your dog to urinate more. 0You could always provide fresh water, food or even to switch from “wet” in a box of dry dog ​​food.


Homeopathic female dog urinary tract infection may also be useful. 7Some natural ingredients like Cantharis vulgaris (urine flow) and Berberis (to help the bladder). These are safe to use, and may be a reason to try to help restore proper urinary pH. 5Urine is a natural way to clean the urinary tract.


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