Caring For Chinese Dwarf Hamsters As Pets

Has it crossed your mind that you should care for Chinese dwarf hamsters as pets? The intention of the present account is to provide solutions to many of your questions.

To commence with, as pets, dwarf hamsters take up slight area – compared to say a puppy or a gib-cat. They require an area no larger than an over sized fish tank. It is not surprising that hamsters fit well into a tiny residence.

Do not, however, lowball the amount of time that you will need to maintain hamsters as pets. You will spend roughly as much time as if you were caring for a hound. Chinese dwarf hamsters need to be nourished and watered on a daily basis. Habitually, you must clean the potty. Hamsters neccesitate at least an hour of human interaction each dayeveryday. Their homes will need to be cleaned on a seven day schedule.

Keeping Chinese dwarf hamsters as pets costs about the same as caring for any other pet. You will need to make an initial investment in supplies. Your pet will need fresh bedding material, but at least it doesn’t eat too much. Your pet should stay generally healthy, but there are no guarantees. Save money for occasional trips to the veterinarian.

As far as being left alone, Chinese dwarf hamsters have needs that are are more like dogs than cats. Once a hamster gets used to your voice, it will consider you part of its community. For this reason you should not leave the hamster without human companionship for more than a day or two.

Hamsters cannot tolerate the heat of summer. You must have air conditioning if you live in a climate where it will get warm. Whereas you may be able to suffer through days of 85° F (30°C), this temperature can kill your hamster.

The final thing to know about keeping Chinese dwarf hamsters as pets is that hamsters are nocturnal or crespuscular. This means that they are active at night or at dawn and twilight. Do not disturb them at times other than these.

Lastly, as long as you’re willing to make the effort, Chinese dwarf looked hamsters do make felicitous pets.

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