Costumes For Dogs: Where To Look

Chihuahua in a little bunny coat costume

Dog clothing is a very hot industry in the pet world right now, and costumes for dogs are right at the top of the most wanted list. If you walk into a big pet store today, you’ll find entire isles of dog costumes of every shape and size. The imagination that goes into making some of the ones out there now and the amount of variety available in these costumes for dogs is staggering, and if you just do a little surfing around online, you’ll see what I mean!

Dog costumes have become a small cultural phenomenon, and especially so for little dogs. Of course there are dog costumes for just about every breed, but there are many more designed for the smaller dog breeds whose owners seem apt to dolling up their K-9 companions in adorable dog clothing costumes. If you’re the proud owner of a little chihuahua snuggle bug, for example, finding costumes for dogs is never a very difficult task: you can head to the local pet store or online to the virtual swath of pet clothing stores there and find a lot of cool, stylish little coats and costumes for you doggy with minimal work.

You will probably see a lot less costumes for dogs for bigger dogs at these stores, but make no mistake: there are still loads of them if you look around. Especially when you’re shopping around online, you’ll find a near endless selection of costumes you can dress you bigger pooch in, from the superhero to the bride/groom to the lion-dog to the dog being eaten by a crocodile: if there’s some insane, crazy funny way you can imagine your dog being dressed up, there’s very likely a dog costume out there just like what you have in mind, already, and you’ve got to do is seek it out!

If you’re in the mood for shopping for some costumes for dogs, some good stores for finding them include Petco and Petland if you live in North America, the local Pet Pavilion if you’re in Europe, and I recommend UrbanPup and G.W.Little if you’re shopping online! Of course there are many, many more places you can find these little fun costumes if you keep your eyes open, but these are some of the heavyweights.

If you already have a specific costume in mind that you want to pick up but just need to find the store that sells it, I would do a Google Image search on it to see if I could locate it on the web, first. If you can find an image of it, you can click through to the site that hosts that image, and that will often be (in this case) a dog clothing store! I really encourage you to test this method of finding the costumes for dogs you have in mind because it often works! Happy searching!

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