Raising Chickens Can Be Fun

Make your own chicken coop

Of all of the animals that people can raise as domestic pets, chickens are distinctive in the sense that they supply something that can be eaten compared to other sorts of household pets such as canines, ponies, cats and kittens and fish. In fact, raising chickens for household pets pays off in the long term as they are a source of fresh meat and eggs not like what you usually purchase in the grocery store.

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And considering the trend for organic food, with your own backyard chickens it is extremely easy to have your own organic eggs and poultry meat – all you need to do is feed your chickens organically grown chicken feed. Naturally fed chickens that roam freely and feed on grass are found to lay eggs that contain higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E whilst having reduced cholesterol content!

Chickens Have Personalities Too

It may come as a surprise but every chicken has its very own distinctive and charming personality traits. Aside from this, chickens are quite pleasant to look at as their plumages come in a wide range of different shades and styles; moreover, they may be found in all shapes and sizes. You will definitely be inclined to spoil them, pick them up and cuddle them to show them off to your buddies and give them their individual names once you become familiarized with their traits.

Chicken Raising Plays a role in Environmental Care

Chickens by nature love to range freely. By letting them roam freely, you end up with two very tangible advantages for your efforts – they will happily consume any garden pest they meet and help you with your lawn cutting chores because they like to chow down on grass too. For an added benefit, they will turn everything that they have ingested in the form of organic fertilizer! All you need to do is have a seat on the patio and watch them while they happily set about their daily activities.

So many people are unaware that chickens can eat almost everything human beings can, even leftover foods. However, you might re-think feeding them onions and garlic since they are likely to make their eggs taste odd.

Chickens are the very best producers of black gold soil since their waste is naturally nitrogen-rich. Chickens also enjoy leaves, weeds and grass clippings – they basically help people recycle their garden/farm garbage and not simply getting rid of it.

Chickens are Low-Maintenance Pets

Of all creatures that can be taken care of as pets, chickens are the ones which need little or no maintenance compared to others. All you need to do is ensure their food and water containers are freshly filled and refreshed every day. And when they begin to lay eggs, then you have to gather the eggs daily as well. Cleaning up their coops every day or every other day is sufficient and their beddings ought to be changed once every three to four weeks dependant on weather conditions.

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