Chicken Coops Designs

Are you considering raising chickens? If so, you will be glad to hear there are lots of different types of chicken coops designs out there in the marketplace. Some may be elaborate while others are simple and merely practical. Regardless of the design you select, there are several essentials which you need to keep in mind. Choosing chicken coop designs will shortly make a lot more sense so read on.

Making plans in advance

As it’s your money you will be spending, it’s worth taking some time out to do a little forward planning.  You may want to start out with just two or three chickens for fresh eggs and expand your flock later on.  You will find it is prudent to build-in this option for growth right from the outset so you don’t have to put together an even bigger coop in the future. 

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Give your flock of chickens enough space

Try to pick out chicken coops designs which will provide your flock with ample room.  Do not put too many chickens in the coop as this could make them unwell and cause undue levels of stress. A flock of chickens which have room to breathe will do a lot better overall and give you a better financial return per chicken.  Used as an approximate measure, each of your chickens will require around 4 square foot of space.  Now if your flock do not have access to a run to move around in, then you should allocate at least double the square footage per chicken. 

Ensure the ventilation is adequate

It’s a fact that all land mammals require clean air and satisfactory ventilation for optimum health.  Your flock of chickens are no different so it’s worth heeding this when deciding upon which one of the chicken coops designs you are going to use.  Equally, it’s not good for the coop to be excessively affected by windy conditions as that could harm your chickens as well.  If the ventilation level is not sufficient it can result in air impurities which often make your chickens sick.  Appropriately placed vents will allow the air to circulate while preventing cold drafts.  Ensure the vents are secured with a strong meshing to keep predators out.

Protect your coop against the rain

At such time that you are checking out chicken coops designs, be certain that it is designed to keep rain out. Assuming that the health of your flock of chickens is important to you, make sure you follow this advice. 

Keep unwanted rodents out

Rats and other rodents will infest your chicken coop unless you take suitable measures to keep them out.  Rodents are extremely keen on burrowing beneath ground, so this needs to be a line of defence for your birds.  They can eat their way through timber and chew all the way through regular chicken wire. 

If you’re looking at chicken coops designs that don’t have flooring, use fencing comprised of high quality weld mesh with very small holes.  Install a minimum of twelve inches of this chicken coop fencing right into the ground and make sure it goes round the outside of the coop. This will put a stop to animals from digging their way in.  It is important to note that a solid floor comprised of tiles or cement will add another layer of protection for your flock.  

Ensuring your coop protects against natural predators

Even though you may currently not have any problem with coyotes, raccoons, hawks or other types of predatory animals, that can suddenly change once you have got chickens.  Do not think you are safe from this if you live in an urban city, as your chickens remain at risk, so go for one of the chicken coops designs that will protect them from natural predators.

Regular chicken wire has holes which are fairly big and will not keep your chickens safe, so it will not suffice on its own.  Get hold of some high grade mesh wire and fix it to the wood of the chicken coop right the way around.  At night you will also want to put off potentially harmful predators by installing lights that go off when activity of the would-be predator is detected.

Selecting a really great one from many chicken coops designs can be challenging when you get underway.  With everything said, by paying attention to the recommendations here, you will most certainly finish up with a wonderful chicken coop that takes good care of your flock.

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