Ways To Get Rid Of Dog Hot Spots

The considerable loss of hair on a dog in some body areas could well be an indication of a condition known as dog hot spots. Sometimes the area may be slightly wet.

Hot spots are a sign of bacterial infection on the skin. It is linked to the environment as the bacteria will only thrive in conditions favorable to them. Poor grooming, allergies or behavioral issues can all play a role in the development of these hot spots.

Sometimes the pet may show allergic reaction to food or parasites. The animal licks an area of its body excessively creating a damp warm spot. These are the kind of conditions ideal for the bacteria. The skin starts to itch and the dog scratches a lot. It loses fur as a result. Loss of fur can sometimes be attributed to other factors as well such as anxiety or boredom.

Clipping the hair around the infected spot and applying a mild antiseptic normally clears the infection but it should be done under the supervision of a vet to make sure there are no other issues contributing to the problem. An e-collar will sometimes have to be used on the animal during treatment to prevent the dog from licking the area while it heals.

Sometimes the issue is bigger than just a few infected areas on the skin. There may be an underlying problem. As long as you do not take care of this, infection will continue to be a problem for the dog. To remove the discomfort of infection once and for all the underlying cause must be discovered and eliminated.

Grooming the dog more often will help if the problem is either poor grooming or lack of attention. Use the right brush and groom the dog at least twice a week. This is especially important if the dog has long, thick fur. Clip the fur from time to time if the weather is not too cold or take the dog to a groomer. Home grooming should also be done making use of a brush that is suitable for the dog.

Beating an allergy can be a very tricky problem. First it will be necessary to find out what causes it. It may be that the dog has fleas or other parasites in which case a bath with a flea killing shampoo or medication may solve the problem. May the food is to blame. Try changing it to see if you get results. On the other hand almost any item in the household could cause the allergy. In that case you can try and solve it by keeping the dog away from some parts of the house or yard at various times. In this way you can try and find the culprit through a process of elimination.

To keep your dog healthy, watch out for the development of dog hot spots. Start treating the problem as soon as possible. Make sure you give the dog enough attention and get some toys for it to help prevent boredom.

I’m a dog health practitioner who specializes in dog skin allergy treatment.

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