Do You Have All The Facts You Need About The LitterMaid Litter Boxes

You may be considering a LitterMaid self-cleaning cat litter box if you’re looking for an easier and neater system than having to clean your box every day. There are a few different models that we will discuss here in this article. We will also address the pros and cons of each model below. Regardless of whether it really is about acquiring litter boxes, or every other item related to seo services Houston, keep in mind that you must often go for high quality.

You may like this first advantage of the LitterMaid litter boxes is that the waste is raked into an airtight container which controls odor better than a traditional box where the litter just sits until you clean it out. For many cat owners the advantage of the ionic air cleaner is something they can’t live without. The one disadvantage of this machine is that you still have to clean the rakes and change the filters regularly. With the available accessories such as a box cover you can keep the smell under control even more. Besides automatically cleaning itself the LitterMaid litter boxes are designed to minimize the amount of litter tracked outside the box. This is a typical problem for traditional boxes especially when your cat kicks the litter out or gets stuck to their paws. The ribbed exit ramp allows your cat to leave the litter behind as they leave the box. This effectively keeps your home cleaner and keeps you from constantly having to sweep up after your cat. This accessory is not standard with all LitterMaid boxes but you can often purchase it for less than $20. Making certain your cat is getting excellent therapy is vital, just like it really is needed to take care of one’s google places help company.

Take time to register your LitterMaid product in case you have problems there is a warranty that comes with the unit. Some people complain that customer service is lacking and that the toll free number is constantly busy when they try to reach customer service making repairs or warranty difficult by phone. We sincerely hope this is not the experience every customer has but if you ever need to call customer service be sure you have patience for waiting long periods of time.

The Litter Maid Self Cleaning litter box is a great alternative to the standard litter box. On the other hand, you have to consider that this type of litter box costs more than a traditional one, and some users have had issues with the rake not working as it’s supposed to. The choice is really yours but you must still consider the facts before deciding on which solution is best for you since there really isn’t an ideal solution. Go ahead and make investments in LitterMaid with self-confidence, you will see great final results once you acquire it, just like you would get great results with facebook fanpages for business.

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