A Finch Loves Water

You might use a small dish for water, because they need water every day. Also, you can make use of a container that’s maybe an inch deep for a bird bath. Finches love to bathe. You are able to put one into the aviary every other day or so. Some recommend only one time a week. See what your finches enjoy most. If they make use of it every other day, then provide the bird bath to them on a regular basis.

Protect the Finch From Unsafe Perches

In keeping with the safety of your Finch, bear in mind that when you purchase your aviary, be careful about the perches you get. Wooden perches are fantastic, but they do have a problem. Fecal matter can become a part of the wood and it’s impossible to detox, or sterilize the wood. And, some woods are toxic to the Finches. Keep in mind, you have a really sensitive creature, here. Never get a redwood, cedar, or pressed wood (wood chips) for a perch. Avoid dowels, because they are known to give problems to the feet of Finches. And, it almost ought to go without saying, but never, never, ever put in a perch that is coated with a sandpaper coating. Best bet? Hardwood branches, if you are into wood, or make use of a non-toxic plastic.

Cutting the Nails of a Finch

You’ll, now and then, most likely need to cut your Finch’s nails. Do this with care, and just after you know what you are doing. It’s a delicate operation. Far too many owners cut too far. Trim only the tiniest piece off the end of the nail, and no more. Do not cut back very far. Just cut enough to do the job.

The Aviary and the Finch

When you buy the aviary for your Finches, do it with care. A Finch is an active bird and should have room in which to fly short distances. Bigger is definitely better. Bigger doesn’t mean it has to fill a room. The length of the aviary should be a minimum of thirty inches, and larger is better. Tall aviaries, column-like cages, aren’t suitable for Finches. When buying your aviary, make certain the bars are spaced no more than 3/8th of an inch in diameter.

A Finch Loves Sunshine

Finally, be mindful to give your Finch sunlight. Finches need some direct sunlight. Nevertheless, make certain you position the aviary in such a way as to give the Finch a place to find shade. Also, make sure, if you live in a really hot climate, that you do not place the aviary in a position where the cage environment will become too hot, even in the shade. Moderation is the key, here. Not too hot. Not too cold.

You can have years of absolute delight with your Finch. If you nurture them, your Finches will provide you with endless hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

A Finch is a hearty little bird which will delight your kids, yourself, and any visitors who may come to your home.

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