Teacup Chihuahua – A Small But Intensely Loyal Breed

Some Tea Cup Chihuahua owner have trouble convincing their friends how warm, loyal, gentle, and friendly a Teacup Chihuahua is. This loyalty is something that grows only over time, and is a common trait among Chihuahuas. That’s to the point of having jealous streaks, snapping at people, pets, and kids that may get too close for comfort to the owner and snatch precious attention away from the small dog.

Small, but intensely loyal to its owner

If you prefer a companion dog you can shower with affection and attention, then this breed is just for you. It’s only about nine inches tall an around five pounds, a bread toaster has more mass than this pooch. If you live in an apartment, you can train these little bundles of joy to settle down on a life-rhythm you like. As with any dog, too much barking can be a problem, it will give you an all-nighter you don’t need; thankfully Chihuahuas can be trained to avoid that.

Teacup Chihuahuas are usually bouncy and active, so if you’re used to medium sized dogs you can ignore as long as you feed them, then a Chihuahua is not for you. But if you want a very loyal dog that can read your emotions, then what you need is this particular breed.

Taking care of your Chihuahua

Their size allows anyone to physically overwhelm them. They know that, and some make up for this with their aggressive barking and some of them bite. If you can socialize the Chihuahua pups at an early age, you can avoid this behavior. This socialization is important so the dog can be accustomed to having other people and pets around.

You can get puppies from a breeder or an adult Chihuahua from a rescue organization, but you must be sure you can provide the time and devotion this breed needs. This breed can suffer from heart and tracheal disease, bladder stone, arthritis, and genetic disorders. Be reminded their bones are fragile – don’t drop them accidentally, do not let them have to jump from high places, don’t let them get kicked.

Family members need to be told about Chihuahua care, too

Small families with older children who’ve been taught how to deal with the Teacup Chihuahua breed can certainly take care of this small companion dog. This breed requires some socializing an at early stage, and you’ll need to adequately brief small kids not to treat a Chihuahua as they would a socially actively Labrador that can withstand rowdy play.

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