Long Haired Chihuahua – Basics For New Pet Owners

Some big dog lovers are surprised, after they adopt a long hair Chihuahua, how much more attentive such a small dog can be. Something like this is gotten from experience, not by something you can read about and watch online. Given that this breed needs lots of care and attention, and given that talents, models, and actors lead busy lives, it’s most likely most of the these celebrities don’t even take care of their own pets, short or long haired Chihuahuas.

If you’re thinking of getting one of these adorable toy dogs yourself, the best sources are probably pet owners themselves. You want to know what you’re getting into, so let this short article guide you.

It’s not surprising the Chihuahua has been dubbed the bonsai dog, owing to its small size. They can be as vigilant as a meerkat eyeing a cobra, at least when it comes to strangers and other pets, and as demanding as a brat prince or princess. That, at least, is the prevalent notion.

Most sources will say this breed came from Mexico and is took the US by storm when it appeared in several movies. It’s the smallest dog in the world, on record. Look up a list of the cutest small dogs on the planet and you’ll definitely find the Chihuahua on that list. A bread toaster is “bigger” than this dog, which is between six to nine inches in height.

The Chihuahua, both the short and long haired type, are dubbed by some as purse dogs, toy dogs, bag dogs, rich people’s accessory dogs, and companion pets by single people living alone. Still, there are some families with little kids that love this breed. Chihuahuas can be possessive of its owner, and anyone in the vicinity just gets snapped at, which is why it’s often not advised for families with kids and other pets to have Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas cannot be treated by little kids as though they were stuffed toys; medium and large sized dogs can survive rowdy play, but this breed leans on the fragile side. A Chihuahua could suffer broken bones from that, and a kick to those large eyes could end up blinding the small dog.

Although Chihuahuas are a favorite breed for entry into dog shows, some people do choose them as companion pets, despite the show dog potential.

When you adopt Chihuahua puppies, you need to be financially and emotionally prepared to devote a lot of time to their care and training. They need to eat only good food, and be trained to potty regularly (because they tend to do so frequently), and be taught to avoid barking endlessly at other pets, kids, and strangers (a bark collar for small dogs can take care of this).

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