Find Out How To Squirrel Proof Bird Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder And Cease Squirrels

In case you feed the birds then you’ll in all probability already know that you’re feeding squirrels as well. In addition to being an actual nuisance by scaring away the birds you are trying to feed from your hen feeders, they can also have a big appetite and be very damaging too.

We all know that feeding the birds in your own backyard or backyard can be enjoyable and entertaining, however when the feeders are consistently under menace from squirrels it could turn out to be a little frustrating and finally annoying.

Stopping Squirrels Is Not Straightforward

However the excellent news is that there are ways and means to deter the attackers and even prevent them from stealing the meals that you’ve got paid good cash for as food in your birds. The best way is to go on the attack your self and squirrel proof your bird feeders so that only the birds can then reap the benefits of the food that you simply offer.

Should you like to see the squirrels and their loopy antics then do not expect them to disappear. They may always be around and newcomers will all the time strive their luck at your feeders to see if there’s a simple approach in to a free meal! You just must discover a technique to cease them taking the bird food.

Squirrels Eat Fowl Food!

All of the food that you feed your birds, reminiscent of peanuts, sunflower seeds and suet, can also be enticing to your native squirrel inhabitants and they will take it all themselves given the chance. They are additionally very determined and will totally destroy a feeder simply to get on the seeds or nuts within. Try to be conscious that they will easily chew by way of wood and arduous plastic and even metal feeders have been destroyed by squirrels in my yard.

So though it may price you to implement your squirrel buster technique, it will save you money in the long term, as the price of changing damaged feeders and stolen meals consumed by these agile creatures may be fairly high. If in case you have squirrels in your neighborhood then the best policy is to initially make the extra funding in squirrel proof chicken feeders though they might seem costly in comparison with an ordinary feeder.

Squirrel Proofing Tactics

Luckily there are lots of other ways to make your fowl food as well as your bird feeders much less attractive and tempting to the squirrels. And this may be executed with none restriction on access to the birds you actually wish to feed.

Chicken Feeder Location

Squirrels are great at leaping and can leap up to 10 toes quite easily. So simply ensure that when you locate your feeders in your yard that they’re put up away 12 to fifteen feet away from some other object [that a] squirrel may use as a launching pad. A single steel pole with the feeder over 5 ft off the ground is your finest bet.

Spicy Chook Food

Surprisingly birds are proof against the results of spicy food equivalent to peppers whereas animals, together with squirrels, are not. Due to this fact by adding cayenne pepper or a similar spice to your chook seed one can find that the squirrels will depart it alone. This is a nice preliminary tactic to make use of as it gives on the spot outcomes very quickly.

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