Fox Proof Rabbit Run – Can It Be Replaced By Any Of Those Large Rabbit Hutches?

Because your pet rabbit needs to have adequate exercise and play, and have at the same time sunlight and air, the solution to it is the fox proof rabbit run.

This type of rabbit enclosure not only meets the demand for space the rabbit needs but also provides a great degree of protection to the rabbit from physical harm by predators such as foxes, dogs, opossums, weasels and many others that may be there just waiting for a chance to get your pet.

But one question that comes to mind is, is there not an alternative?

The advantages of a fox proof rabbit run

A fox proof run is very ideal for your rabbit because it provides the necessary exercise area for play and run. It is big enough for your rabbit and provide the safety from physical harm caused by any of the animals of prey that could sneak into your yard.

Because of the many lessons learned regarding predators, design and make of runs have become sturdier and proofed against any of them. Runs are now constructed of durable and sturdy materials like welded wire, rather than wire mesh or chicken wire. The reason is, the wire mesh or chicken wire can easily be destroyed by stronger predators like the strong and wily fox.

Aside from this, there are models of this type of runs with housing inside for your pet so that in case of a hot sunny day or moderate rain, the rabbit can have a place for shelter.

There is also the folding type which you can move or stow when not in use or if your yard is not really that big to allow a structure that stays there all the time, like the fox proof rabbit run. Otherwise, some pet owners make this some sort of permanent housing for their pets.

This is a lot better than allowing your rabbit loose in your yard where also are poisonous plants, herbicide and fertilizer treated grass and plants, that are toxic to rabbits and could cause illness to them.

The advantages of large rabbit hutches

Large rabbit hutches is an outdoor housing for a rabbit and because of its size, all the needs a rabbit for exercise, sunlight and air are met. They can also be fox proofed to protect the rabbit from physical harm.

Also, large hutches like this can be made of more than one storey say, two stories, or even three stories if you believe it is necessary, so that in case your yard is small, the needed space by your rabbit for the purpose intended is there.

These large rabbit hutches is actually intended for outdoor housing for rabbits and are constructed of sturdy materials. They provide both the ventilation and the warmth. Included in the design are covers to protect your rabbit from the elements especially in case of inclement weather.

Disadvantages of both

Rabbits are social animals and tend to live well with human beings, if properly tended and trained. If they are left in a fox proof rabbit run or in large rabbit hutches, the tendency is there will be less contact between the pet and the members of the family.

If you have the rabbit for pet, then the purpose is defeated by having them outside and with less contact between you and the pet. If you devote time for them or get them and loose them in the house, then this is not much of a disadvantage.

More than these, no fox proof rabbit run or large rabbit hutches are really fox proof when you consider that the harm that any of the predators can cause your rabbit is not only incurred through physical contact with them.

As various experiences have proven, rabbits may panic when confronted by those hostile predators which can cause them to run wildly, jump and twist which could result in injury of the back or other parts of the body. This may also cause the rabbit to suffer a heart that can cause its death.

Such incidents can happen even with the presence or supervision of a member of the family especially so in the case of those which are in the urban areas, where urban foxes are used to the presence of people.

What’s more, many incidents happen at night when everybody is sleeping so that no one is watching to ward them off when they come.

Because of this, additional fox proofing must have to be done. Examples of these are a motion detector which activates either a spray that will surprise the fox or a high pitch sound device that irritates and deter foxes or the like.

This means additional expenses on your part as pet owner.

But it is all worth it

Rabbits are loveable creatures so that having them as pets can give you the pleasure and joy of caring for them. Many owners will testify to the truth of this statement.

That is why, having either a fox proof rabbit run or a large rabbit hutch for your pet rabbit is worth all the money and time and effort that you will invest on it.

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