Chicken Swimming

Can Chicken Swim

I am a farmer in a small village outside Sussex. I was wondering if chicken could swim last weekend. I have seen ducks swim but never seen a chicken swim. I got 2 swimming pools next to my farm one for the family and one for the ducks. Well the duck one is not really a swimming pool it’s just a pond to be honest. I just wanted to see if chickens can be good at anything else other than running and laying eggs?


So I took one of them and threw it into the pond just like the lady in the video. And guess what they do know how to swim but they do not like water at all hence they come out of the water as soon as they can. Also make sure to clean the swimming pool with swimming pool chemicals & swimming pool filters after you have thrown a chicken on to the pool, if you do of course. You don’t want to swim in a dirty pool do you?


Yes this might be a crazy post but did you know chicken could swim before this? Yes one or two people might already know about this but there are many out there who did not know chickens could swim. I asked one of my friends if he knew if chickens could swim. He said he did try it once but his chicken started to drown. Don’t worry the chicken survived. But that was a bad experience because she wasn’t ready to be honest.


I am not trying to say is you should do this to your chicken and find out. This post is just to give you an information on if chickens can swim or not. Chicken is best at when they are used for such as meat and eggs. This post is informational.

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