Many people believe their pets are an integral part of the family.I make those types of statements all the time.  And because I treat my dogs like members of the immediate  family, I take the time to make sure they receive the same caring and attention that I would give to my children.  Would you allow your child to walk around with fleas biting them all day?  Of course, the answer is no, so don’t do it to your dogs either.


That’s why it’s so important to make sure that my dogs are free from Fleas and Ticks.Fleas carry worms and disease.  Not only that, but many dogs and humans are allergic to Flea bites.  They cause discomfort and skin irritations.

Fleas lay their eggs in the soft fur of your dogs coat.Once a flea has laid its eggs, their lifespan from egg to and adult flea is about 3-6 weeks.  In order for the flea to survive it must take a blood from its host, your pet, by biting your dog or cat or even you.When the flea begins to bite and take blood it then begins to lay eggs on your pet.

Fleas breed more when spring approaches.During summer, the high temperatures and humidity can lead to more infestations.  Even though fall brings with it, cooler temperatures, you can still have a re-emergence of Fleas and Ticks so it’s important to continue treatment year-round, even in winter months.  Fleas would love to come inside and hatch their eggs in your warm homes.


I have also provided you with a link to a guide that will help you decide which Flea medications could work for your pet.This book can help ease your decision on which Flea medication would be right for your pet.

Once Fleas have laid their eggs in your animal’s fur, the only option for getting rid of this pest is to have your pet dipped and clean at a reputable Pet Grooming Service.  That’s why Prevention is the best step at stopping fleas and ticks from ever taking up residence on your pets or in your home.

This guide will help you understand the Flea and Tick process.  Explain how Flea infestation begins, matures and can take over your pet and your home in a matter of days.  It gives you the steps to not only prevent Fleas and Ticks from taking over your pets and your home but how to protect your pet.

If you do happen to get an infestation in your home, this easy guide can also teach how to eradicate those pesky pests out of your home and off your pets for good.  Then it will teach you good preventative measure to keep Fleas from your home for good.


It’s important that when we invite our pets to be a part of our family and our home, that we continue to care and provide for them as we would any family member.  Fleas and Ticks are not only discomforting for pets but it can cause extreme discomfort for humans if they take up residence in our home environment, which should be free from biting and annoying insects.  So taking a little time to learn how to prevent Fleas in our home will give a lifetime of comfort to not only our pets but to us as well.  Take the time to care for learn about Flea and Ticks so that we can provide our dogs and cats with a comfortable and nurturing home environment.


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