Tropical Fish That Are Pricey

When it comes to hobbies, fish keeping is not really a cheap one to choose at all. The thing to think about is what are the most expensive ones to buy? Of course when it comes to most people interested in the hobby they are not going to go out and buy these, not at all. so here are some of the priciest fish out there.



This type of fish is easily one of the most expensive in the world and you can very hardly actually buy a super red one of these for less than ten thousand dollars which is crazy money really. The green kinds of this fish actually come in much cheaper and there is of course a reason for this. The recent the green one is actually a lot cheaper is because Chinese people think the colour green means to lose money so no one wants to a buy a fish this colour.


Large Quantities

Getting a lot of the same fish is also something you do not want to do and this is because it will just cost you a lot of money. More often than not the same breed of fish will not get along if there are a lot of them which means to deaths in the tank. Once this starts happening you can almost feel the burning in the back pocket as your hard earned cash turns to nothing.


Of course when it comes to fish you are going to need the right aquarium plantsthe right kind of aquarium fish tank and if you have a pond you need the right pond filter.


Fish are expensive but in the end it is worth it because of the fact it is a great hobby to get into. So there you have it, in the end it is up to you when  it comes to things like this because it will be your tank.


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