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house moving While keeping up the water in your discus fish tank is perhaps the most crucial factor in the condition of your pets, feeding is important also. If your fish are undernourished, they can lose their protection and become sick or unwell. There’s a large number of data out there per the right discus fish food, I’m able to try to make it easy on you here with this easy article.

juegos mario 1. Tank size – a 5 gallon fish tank is the perfect size for spawning. The water is filled only to to 4 to 6 inches. This limits the space that the male and female can hide from each other in!

home selling Next you have the compact fluorescent light. This can be used in tanks that contain upward of 55 gallons or more. You can safely add plants when you use this type of lighting.

The third choice is the VHO or Very High Output. This freshwater aquarium lighting is suitable for tanks that contain 100 gallons or more. If you want to have plants then this type of lighting is suitable for them.

There are four criteria to consider regarding lighting for a freshwater aquarium:

  1. The number of lumens per watt
  2. Lumens per watt
  3. PAR and
  4. Watts

As a basic rule of thumb here is a general overview of which lighting is suitable for various conditions:

  • The recommended lighting for fish-only aquariums: Standard or power compact fluorescent systems. These use a minimum of 2-3 watts per every gallon of tank water.
  • For freshwater planted aquariums: Standard fluorescent, T-5HO, power compact and metal halide/HQI. These take a minimum of 4 watts per gallon; a higher ratio is best.
  • For marine reef aquariums: T-5 HO, VHO, Power Compact, Metal Halide/HQI. Reef tanks require a minimum of 4-6 watts per gallon and if your tank contains Coral, Anemones or Clams then increase it to 8-12 or more watts per gallon

It is important that you know which Kelvin Rating to make use of:

  • For fish you will need 5,500K to 20,000K depending on the species. Deeper tanks will require actinics.
  • For plants you will need 6,500K to 18,000K.
  • For reefs you will need 9,000K to 20,000K with actinics.

This will appear like a pain, but after you have made it once, it is a breeze to do and with this recipe, it will make enough to last you for months. The additional benefits will be recognized in the behavior and vitality of your fish.

Adult discus fish should be fed twice every day while baby fish are always hungry and can be fed up to 3 times a day. There are far more things that fish will eat, and you want to actually give them some variety in their diet. For example, you can feed them bloodworms from time to time, or simply cut up salt water shrimp. Feeding them one kind of food all the time could cause deficiencies that will finish up in poor growth and their becoming subject to sickness.

Making your own fish food and maintaining some of the tips that have been given to you here should steer you to having content and healthy fish for ages to come You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

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