Golden Retriever Training Helps Stop Canine Digging Problem

Every pet owner would surely be glad to see that they’re getting positive golden retriever training result. A pet who knows how to react to numerous commands is no doubt a pride of his owner and a joy to everyone around. But sometimes, despite of training, dogs can acquire or learn a certain habit that he otherwise ought to eliminate in order to avoid problems.

One of these habits is digging. Although acknowledged as a natural instinct among canines, digging problem needs to be resolved the soonest possible time to prevent hazards to his health at the same time to  prevent your garden from turning into a poorly-made golf course.

Before you take drastic measures to handle the issue, it would be best to determine why your precious pooch has abruptly given interest to digging. It could be that he is bored and that he has no toys, no playmates or no humans to hang around with. It could be caused by suppressed energy as a result of insufficient exercise and other physical activities. If this is the case with your dog, he is undoubtedly digging to look for entertainment. One way to curtail the problem is to provide suitable exercise. Golden retrievers are high energy dogs hence need to be exercised or taken out for a walk once or twice a day. Fetching a ball in addition to training new commands are sure approaches to keep him mentally and physically active. Providing interesting toys and rotating them can also channel your dog’s attention from digging to playing.

As a gundog with impressive retrieving skill, looking for prey may also result to digging problems. Moles, mice and other animals residing or visiting your garden can trigger his hunting impulse. To address the problem, prevent those animals from going into your yard by making it unappealing. In doing so, just make sure that you won’t be causing danger to your pet and other animals as well.

Dog training this breed may not be really hard but if yours became really obstinate or dedicated digger and has been digging to a particular area over and over, the best solution is to make that area unattractive to him. Some dog owners put rocks to the holes while others find it effective if you put his own poop instead of rocks. Providing a spot acceptable for digging can also spare your garden and your dog’s health also.

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