Training Pets

There are many people out there that almost seem to be scared when it comes to buying pets because they feel that it is going to be very tough when it comes to training the thing, this is often not the case.




I would say that when it comes to the family it is important that the animal is used to them. If you are currently pregnant and are wanting to get a dog or cat I would wait until the baby is born because the dog will think you do not care once the baby is born and will get jealous, this has been known to cause things like lashing out. You need to also make sure that every member of the household is present when you are teaching the dog so it knows you are all boss.


House Training


Training your animal to not poop indoors is something that you must do and this is because if you don’t do this you are going to face a lot of problems indeed. The first thing that you need to realise is that a puppy is very similar to a baby and cannot control their bladders or bowel and although you must show them that what they have done is wrong you should never completely lose it with them. Yes that is even if they decide to wee on your precious carpet. One of the best things to do when it comes to potty training is to actually make sure that you feed them at the same time and take them out into the garden afterwards. After playtime is another time where puppies and kittens often need to go so make sure you take them after this. Of course if you are doing this the puppy will learn and start to do it on its own accord.




If your animal gets ill and you don’t do anything they will start to dislike you so make sure you take them to a small animal vet or animal hospital. The same goes if they need something like animal physiotherapy.

Follow these tips to ensure a well trained animal!

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