House-training A Bichon Frise.

Because it’s cute, Bichon Frises are favorites among families with little ones.For one, it doesn’t shed a lot and is a hypoallergenic dog.It is wonderful with children and plays with everyone in the family.It’s relatively easy to train and is a decent watch dog.

Just like other pets, Bichon Frises are best trained at an early age.In fact, it is best to start training your Bichon Frise right after bringing the dog home.

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Start training your Bichon Frise with the Crate.

When you first bring him home, present the crate to your dog.Choose a crate with enough room and is cozy.To serve your purpose, look for a crate with enough room for a big dog.Throw in some old rugs to make it cozy.Let your new pet get over chewing prior to buying him anything more expensive.

The crate works for your intent very well.In the same way you see your room, you want your dog to see the crate as his room.Use it solely for pleasant things; never for punishment.After some time, your pet will see the crate as a safely comfortable place.And when that happens, that’s to your advantage.The crate prevents your Bichon from getting out of hand when you’re not around.

Training Your Bichon to Potty.

Inspite of being intelligent and obedient pets, your dog needs consistent frequency.Because they’re relatively small animals you’d be making plenty of trips outside when potty-training.Keep your eye on your pup during the first week.When he shows signs of needing to defecate, take him outside to his designated potty area in the yard.Repeat your potty word while the dog is peeing or pooping and pet him for doing so.Sooner or later, your dog will start to associate the command with the potty.When the dog poofs in the house accidentally, take him out to the place in the yard you’ve designated for defecating and be stern with your command.

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The Bully Dog Syndrome.

When you’re walking with your dog and he sees another dog, that wakes his insecurities.Unfortunately for smaller dogs, they manifest they are insecure by barking aggressively and howling loudly, irritating the other dog.Left on his own, your bichon frise could end up in trouble with a nastier pitbull.That’s a very disturbing picture.So when you’re out with your dog, remember these things.

Leash your dog to stay in control.The leash bars your dog from going beyond his boundaries.

Let your pet feel your calm confidence especially when other dogs are in sight.You are your dog’s guide.If you stay cool, your dog would, too.That eases your dog’s insecurity and dispels the need to bully the other dog.

Introduce your bichon to the other.Talk quietly and hold your dog at a safe distance from the other dog.

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