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Keeping Siamese fighting fish is a very rewarding hobby. They each have a unique personality. Also, they are known for their feisty behavior, their long fins, and bright colors. After keeping these fish for an amount of time, many people decide to try their hand at breeding them for fun. This can be a bit daunting as they require some preparation and certain parameters before they will spawn with ease for their owners. Knowing how to set up the spawning tank is an important step when one is just learning to breed betta fish.

There is a vast choice of lighting.

Selecting the right lighting for a given situation is important. These are three basic but different styles of freshwater aquarium lighting.

There is the basic standard fluorescent light. This is often used in smaller tanks where no plant life will reside. This type of lighting is quite adequate for fish but not sufficient for plant life.

Next you have the compact fluorescent light. This can be used in tanks that contain upward of 55 gallons or more. You can safely add plants when you use this type of lighting.

The third choice is the VHO or Very High Output. This freshwater aquarium lighting is suitable for tanks that contain 100 gallons or more. If you want to have plants then this type of lighting is suitable for them.

Mix all this together in a bowl with the gelatin powder and the multivitamin tablet. Mix fully and place the mix in a zip lock bag. Flatten the mix out in the bag and place it in the refrigerator. Before you feed the mix to your discus fish, you’ll need to break off a portion of the frozen mix and let it unfreeze overnight in the chiller.

Many enthusiasts recommend 10,000K. They say they are the safest choice. These lights provide an excellent crisp bright white that looks amazing. Most aquarium owners feel this is the best choice for viewing. Having a freshwater aquarium is regarded as a hobby and you will derive great pleasure from having a tank that looks attractive and has functional and attractive lighting.

If you duplicate natural lighting conditions it will greatly increase the survival and growth rates of your aquatic life. Creating as close to realistic an eco-system as possible will enable your plants and fish life and all its organisms to survive in an environment that is as close to nature as possible.

You will get great pleasure watching your freshwater aquarium grow and prosper

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