Traveling with your Rabbit: Crucial Tips to Remember

Whether you are a business traveler, an avid globetrotter, or just an occasional vacationer, you know there are many things to be concerned about when it comes to bringing your pet rabbit on a trip with you. For one, you know that traveling with a pet rabbit is not that easy. It entails proper planning and preparation, and of course the right tools and gadgets to ensure a smooth trip. To help you with this matter, here are some crucial tips to keep in mind.

Pet enclosure

If your rabbit hutch is just the right size, your rabbit can travel in it. However, most rabbit hutches and rabbit runs are large and would take up much space. You can resolve this by opting for a rabbit carrier, which is much easier to manage and carry. Of course, if your rabbit cannot do without its rabbit run, you can always bring a Folding Rabbit Run, which you can unpack at your vacation destination.

Test journeys

Practice runs are important because these give your pet a chance to get used to the process of traveling. This is easier if you plan to travel by car because you can simply have your bunny join you in short car trips ranging from 30 minutes to one hour. It is quite a different case if you intend to fly in an airplane. But the premise of the test journey is to allow your pet to get used to the sensation of riding in a moving vehicle. Be sure to use the hutch or carrier you intend to bring to the actual journey to the practice run.

Food and water

Pack the same amount of food that your bunny normally eats but add some extra just in case. Place pellets and hay inside the carrier. Attaching a water bottle may sound like a great idea so your bunny can drink anytime it wants but water may leak with movement so it would probably be better to offer the water bottle during rest stops. Also, offer your pet some favorite treats to avoid stress of traveling.

Things to bring

One, you need to get a health certificate from your bunny’s vet. Aside from that, be sure to pack sufficient cleaning supplies such as wet tissues, paper towels, and disinfectant. It would also help if you have vinegar, handy for cleaning messes and spills. You would also want to place a blanket, cardboard or a puppy-training pad under the rabbit’s hutch or carrier to protect against urine.

Proper temperature

Rabbits do not do well in temperatures that are over 70 degrees Fahrenheit so see to it that the carrier is not placed under direct sunlight. Moreover, never leave your pet unattended even for a short while.

It is true that some rabbits travel well more than others do. If you think your rabbit is not the kind who would enjoy going on trips, do not lose hope. Practice runs as well as the other tips included in this article may just help your pet change views regarding traveling.

Christopher Lunsford is a rabbit lover and an expert in online pet products. He regularly volunteers at his local animal shelter and loves educating others about animals. To learn more about rabbit runs and Folding Rabbit Run, please visit him online.

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