Cavy Care: Is A Guinea Pig Right For You

If you’re puzzling over getting a pet for your home, you might wish to consider a guinea pig. Guinea pigs, conjointly known as cavies, are lovable furry very little critters that can bring you a lot of joy.  In addition, guinea pigs can be a excellent 1st pet for youngsters because they are simple to care for and more cuddly than a hamster and or fish. Here is some additional data to help you identify whether a guinea pig is the proper pet for you.

If you’re puzzling over obtaining a pet for your home, you may a first contemplate a dog or cat. These animals are excellent for homes if you have got a heap of time to dedicate to owning a pet. Dogs and cats would like a heap of attention and a lot of space.  Guinea pigs on the opposite hand are simply as cute as dog, cats, and they are doing not need near as a lot of space or care. Several individuals love the concept of guinea pigs as initial pets for kids because they live a heap longer than hamsters or gerbils. Of course, a well cared for guinea pig will live up to eight or 9 years. Once you own a guinea pig, you will be hooked by these cute, sweet natured critters.

After you visit the store to get a guinea pig, it’s invariably a smart idea to look at them fastidiously and choose them by their personality. Each guinea pig has his or her own personality.  Some are a lot of reserved in nature, whereas others are additional outgoing.  If you are choosing a guinea pig for your child, you would like to make positive that your guinea pig can tolerate being held and petted. Guinea pigs aren’t known to be aggressive or to bite, but your child can haven’t any fun with a keep guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are also should social animals, and they relish the company of other guinea pigs.  If you are coming up with to induce a guinea pig, you would possibly wish to consider obtaining two guinea pigs at the same time. Male guinea pigs get along quite well with each alternative when you get them once they are babies. Male guinea pigs can fight with every other.  If you introduce them after they are grown. Female guinea pigs can also get along well with every other. It is not counseled that you simply get a male and a feminine, unless you would like to breed guinea pigs.

When wanting at guinea pig cages, you wish to search out one that can allow enough area for movement and play. Guinea pigs like to remain hidden after they sleep, so build positive that your cage encompasses a place where they can hide. A plastic or wood structure inside the cage is always a smart idea. You may additionally want to feature some sort of betting to the bottom of your guinea pig cage for easy cleanup. Cedar chips are not recommended. You furthermore mght want to incorporate a massive water bottle for your guinea pig. If you’ve got, two guinea pigs contemplate obtaining two water bottles. Guinea pigs love to drink water, thus make certain that you give them lots of recent water every day.

Some specialists suggest adding vitamin C drops to their water. This works well for a few guinea pigs. But, some guinea pigs don’t like the style and will not drink the water. If you do decide to add vitamin C drops to their water, build certain they are staying hydrated throughout the day. If you decide on not to incorporate vitamin C drops with their water.  You’ll be able to supplement their diet with recent fruits and vegetables.  Guinea pigs love contemporary vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Just create sure that you’re not overfeeding your guinea pigs and use fruits and vegetables as treats. As way as food is anxious, you will want to feed your guinea pigs specially formulated guinea pig pellets obtainable at pet stores. Guinea pigs also needed daily offer of Timothy hay to help aid in digestion.

Guinea pigs are great pets for all types of homes. When you get your guinea pig young, you’ll work with it to social it. You and your kids can relish these adorable pets for many years to come.

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